About Gigshive

Launched from the time where everyone is waiting for the biggest and anticipated event of the year, New Year’s Eve of 2015. Gigshive is an online calendar of various gigs, events and activities in the Philippines consisting of food bazaars, concerts, raves, sales, local town festivals, etc..

Frustrated with the idea of finding and connecting to different platforms just to get information for a gig or an event, and the lack of promotion and advertising medium here in the Philippines to directly reach consumers like us; our group created a place where everyone can find and connect with the latest and hottest events of choice, provided by event promoters, organizers, and advertisers themselves.

Consisting of a passionate developer, an enthusiastic marketer headed by a highly creative designer, we started this project to bring and connect event organizers and event finders in a very easy and convenient way.

Our team carefully analyzes and evaluates every post on our website based on our Terms and Condition for event posters.

Our purpose is to change the way of promotion and advertising and bring every events in the Philippines into your own hands, and aiming become the largest and most used online event calendar in the nation.