ARTFAIR – Art in a Car Park

By AJ Palao | | Trade Show

Fear No Art

Ever since I was young, I was always been fascinated by art itself – in any form is shows. But never had the opportunity to attend one before. I am new in the events industry and I didn’t really know what I was in for.

The opportunity of attending the Art Fair PH at The Link last (Feb 18, 2017) was merely a coincidence. And due to my fascination, I asked a very dear friend of mine to attend. If I may asked, have you ever been to one? It was only my first time and I was as fascinated and delighted as any aspiring artist would have been.

The three levels of the car park was filled with different art from Local to International artists with hearts full of passion that overflowed the space they took at the Link. The passion and heart clearly showed because people attended no matter how strong the rain got hard on the last day – I should know, I was there that last day.

The art pieces – no matter how different they are to each other – are all beautiful in their own unique way. I mean, from the music walls (The Wall of Sound), to the eerily beautiful carousel sculpture, to paintings, and arts pieces that have been made beautiful by the different mediums used to create it. It was a colorful and lively place.

But what fascinates me the most was the real interpretation behind these arts. Us – being the attendees – may speculate and theorize what we truly think it really is but we’ll never know. We’ll never know what it truly is that the artist wanted us to know – even if you are a professional interpretor from the most prestigious school.
Do you think we’ll ever know what their art truly mean? What it truly meant to represent?

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