Artifact – A Pop up for the Modern Home

By AJ Palao | | Trade Show

Artifact - A Pop-up for the modern home

We Filipinos are well known for being great craftsmen – armed with skills and passion for our crafts – providing products with great class and world calibre. This is the reason why most of Filipino products – crafts, arts, and more – are acknowledged around the world and exported.

But there are still questions remaining unanswered, how many Filipino really knows about these products being exported?

Why do we just mostly appreciate foreign products? And why do we let them profit and benefit from our hard works and talents?

Fortunately for us, there are many local organizations (large and small) pushing the cause of promoting growing craftsmen and artists to be known by Filipinos. A few of them are the famous Manila Fame Trade Show and the new but blossoming Artifact Trade Show that has been mainly sponsored by Ampersand Collection. The show took place at the Alabang Town Center last 8th to 10th of July 2016.

The Artifact Trade Show catered and helped growing micro-businesses to exhibit their arts and crafts for the locals to see without costing them too much green. This is to open bigger opportunities and expose them in the growing local market.

The event showcased unique tatak-Pinoy products made from recycled materials to surprisingly different components making the products add more spice to the modern homes.

The Artifact is still a new and young local tradeshow, like the micro-businesses they are catering to. Our team – Gigshive – is lucky enough to witness and cover the second event they’ve organized. We’ve met the people behind the great success of the event and the participants (merchants) – knowing the stories, discoveries, and ideas behind their own businesses like those of TinkerKnot, Vitrum, Blue Cedar, La Isla Luisa, Studio Desegnio, and many more under the same industry.

Though they are still small businesses, we believe they won’t just stop at where they are right now. We believe that they will continue to take pride on what they do as Filipino Craftsmen and take their arts and crafts to the next level.

As for the next ArtifactTradeShow, what businesses do you think will be there by then? Will the ones who participated in the recent event still be there? Will there be new emerging micro-businesses in the next one?

Your questions will be answered at The 3rdArtifact Trade Show. See you there!

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