Franco Band and Other Local Bands Rocking Baguio

By Raymir Dimabuyu | | Concert


Concoction Bar and Resto should be a familiar place to the locals of Baguio City. And just last February 6, 2016, a successful event has been held here at the very place of Baguio Convention Center.

The event was cut into two main acts composed of a car show that showcased incredible car set-ups with other vehicles consisting of the new car models of Mitsubishi Cars Care of the Mitsubishi Motorplaza and the rock and roll performances of the North Luzon’s local bands like Power Puff Corn and Project Sunday which had set the energy and the mood of the attendees. And know that the bands did not disappoint with their energy raising and rocking performances conducted with so much power and enthusiasm.

As the night went on, the crowd had gone wilder after the special appearance of the Franco Band setting foot at Baguio Convention Center one again. They had performed their great pieces particularly the Castaway, Batter Days, This Gathering, Song of the Suspect, and many more songs that shook the Baguio Convention. Fans sang along song after song with their idols, filling the place with cheers and roaring sound of the rock music that gave everyone an unforgettable experience.

And like other gigs, after the performances the bands gave time for their admirers and supporters to have some picture taking and fan signing with them to complete their amazing experience of the event.

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