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By Raymir Dimabuyu | | Insider

Gigshive Insider - Artifact

Most of the time, we only seem to know what the campaign is about and what the future can bring to it. But how about how it came to life?

Many big organizations started small, like the Artifact. It began with an idea and a hunger to do something great, not only for themselves but also for others. The history of every organization – big or small – should never be overlooked. It holds great power and story to inspire others to make a name for themselves and their affiliates.


When did Artifact came to life?

The first Artifact was held last October 2 to 4, 2015, also in the Activity Center of Alabang Town Center. The vision for the pop up came about after we held our first Block Party in Ayala Alabang Village, which was in March 2015. Block Party is a fair that brings together art, crafts, music, and food along with an art exhibit, workshops and recreations (like free art stations, games, and exercise nooks) for the whole family at the park. We had a furniture seller who was well received during Block Party and he mentioned how there’s no event that brings together local crafters of furniture and home decor. We introduced the idea to Alabang Town Center and Artifact was born.


 Why have you decided to build this organization? Who helped you establish it?

During a get together with friends in December 2014, my husband and chef Theo Zaragoza, me, and producer Mel Lozano-Alcaraz talked about creating pop-ups that would cater to our age group and current lifestyles. As new parents, we feel that driving all the way to the North is tiring but we also don’t want to miss out on the latest happenings. We’re also in a stage of our lives where we want the experiences we encounter are meaningful and enriching. Mel introduced us to Maan Agsalud who is a crafter herself, one of the founders of PopJunkLove and Common Room, and the brains behind the movement Type Kita. She helped bring the crafting community to Alabang and she is the creative force behind our brands.

Today, it’s me, Mel, and Maan who heads our events.


What advice can you give the micro-businesses of the crafting industry?

To always seek your passion first, commit to it, be consistent, never sacrifice quality, and show the world what you have to offer. Be online, join pop-ups and fairs. If you love what you do, it truly shows in your creations and in your brand, and soon money will just come.


How do you see Artifact in the following years?

We hope that we continue to provide a venue for local artisans in Alabang in the coming years


That’s a wrap! Be sure to follow Artifact’s Facebook page to get live updates from their organization, and Gigshive’s Page to get the latest updates on the latest and hottest gigs / events in town.

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