The Gigshive Project

By Raymir Dimabuyu | | Gigshive


We Filipinos are one of the many races who is thrilled of festivities and events. In our country, we celebrate at least 100 fiestas (feasts) every year. Not only that, local events, concerts, and gigs are always mobbed both by local and foreign attendees.

With that being said, keeping track has been the major problem.

Our generation – the Millennials – have the kind of mindset where “staying at home is not an option”. The questions are:  Do we know where to go? Do we even know what kind of adventure is waiting for us out there? What events are our just kinds of scenes? Are there gigs nearby?

More questions: Ever experienced missing one? Have you been clueless that your friends had been out and were enjoying a party you haven’t heard about? I’ve experience that kind of problem. It’s annoying, upsetting, and frustrating at the same time.

Now you’re thinking, “Is there an answer that would cater to these unending questions”? We’ve come up with a simple solution. Imagine, what if there is an online calendar of events containing the dates and important facts of the latest, coolest, and hottest events in and out of town? It is like saying goodbye to your lousy calendars and hello to Gigshive calendar.

That is why Gigshive was established. So what is Gigshive? A start up event calendar that is designed as a free aggregator of events, concerts, sales, bazaar, and many more fun activities here in the Philippines. It’s not just for the event searchers but also the promoters who would like to have another platform. What for? To reach more people by sharing and publishing their event at our social media page and possibly gain more attendees in their events.

Summing it up, Gigshive is the solution for event promotion or searching needs that you desire.

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