HoliFest 2016 in Manila, Philippines

By AJ Palao | | Festival

Holi Festival Manila 2016

Among the many foreign fests celebrated here in the Philippines is the Holi. It is an ancient religious Hindu fest known as the festival of colors of love. It is said that Holi signifies the victory of goodness over wickedness, and arrival of spring.

One of the biggest celebrations of Holi festival is celebrated within Manila. Just this year on the 20th of March, the festivity took place on SM by the bay welcoming natives of India, locals of the country, and other foreign citizens.

The whole place was filled with colors, Bollywood music, activities, and more. Among the activities was the throwing of Gulal (colored powders made from the finest quality cornstarch), symbolizing the unity between the people, the friendship, and a sense of revelry.

From the end to the beginning, attendees have been unified letting neither race nor color to obstruct them from having fun and enjoying what that day has to offer.

And all had been a success because of the many people behind the scenes working hard to achieve the best they can offer which is a great time and a new experience to cherish.

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