The Manila FAME International: Botique edition what will you discover?

By AJ Palao | | Trade Show


How many Filipino Designers, Crafters, and Artisans are there in the Philippines? I would say a lot and most have never been discovered.

In this country, MANILA FAME is the one and only Trade Show recognized by the Union de Fores Internationales which features a great number of Filipino talents to exhibit their work and giving them the opportunity to sell their works globally.
Throughout the years, this event evolved considering that it exhibits house ware, furnishings, house decors, gift items, fashion and accessories. It took us in the minds of the greatest virtuosos involved – from their inspiration, to places where they grew up from, and to the vision of their masterpieces.
Just last April 21-24, MANILA FAME Boutique Edition has been held at World Trade Center Metro Manila. This 2016 April Edition revolved in the theme Iridescence that has portrayed the design and lifestyle of Asia in a colorful manner highlighting many local products from all over the Philippines.

From the 60 of the most creative and innovative fashion designers to the many crafters and artisans from Laguna, Davao Region, Cagayan Valley, and many more places in and out of Manila, the Trade Show successfully continues to inspire many aspiring talents to do more and think beyond the standards set by ordinary people.






As you can see, these photos showcase how limitless the ideas of Filipino are and how boundless the creations of our local creators can be. Can you imagine what other products are out there waiting to be discovered?

Are you one of them? It’s not too late to bring your ideas to life or to show what you can contribute to the world. Manila FAME is a bi-annual trade show and is just waiting for out-of-the-box thinkers and creators like you to join in on the fun.

Can we count on you? See you on October then.

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