Gigshive Terms of use

Welcome to Gigshive you may use all the services that are provided by Gigshive, get free access to our event promotion platform as long as you will be aware and would agree on our privacy policy. Please be properly guided by reading these terms and contact us for any concerns.

1. When can you start using Gigshive?

For event promoters

  • We will give you an all access account when approved, after providing us necessary and accurate information only that are required upon registration (Contact Name, Contact Email, Password) and agree with our Terms and Privacy Policy.
  • Additional features for your account would be accessible upon login.

For normal subscribers

  • You’ll automatically get notified for every gigs or events posted after providing us necessary and accurate information only that are required upon registration (Contact Email, Password)

2. Gigshive Account Policy

  • You will not provide misleading personal information or create an account for another party without their consent.
  • You will not use your account or another party’s to send malicious codes or viruses.
  • You will not post, upload information that such as spam, nudity, bullying, racism, and other inappropriate things that may trigger setback within the website and harassment in the community.
  • You will not share authentication passwords to anyone, to prevent others from accessing your account and do unacceptable behaviors.
  • You will not use any copyrighted or trademarked materials for your personal use without permission from the owner.
  • Gigshive has the authority to disable or remove your account if it violates any of these said information.
  • If you think your account was mistakenly disabled or removed due to violations, you can file an appeal for review and reconsideration.

3. Gigshive Policy

  • We will not tolerate people who are using third party programs or software to increase the burden, harm, interfere or delay the services of website
  • You can freely use the products and services offered by website when you complied on every term given by website.

4. Gigshive Mobile and Other Devices Policy

  • You will grant Gigshive all the rights to access and sync the informations from the devices that is visible to website.
  • Gigshive has provided mobile application for free, but be aware that your provider’s rates of data charges will still apply.